Costa RicaLocated in Central America it has a surface of 51,100 km2 and it is a great destination for tourists. It is one of the countries with most protected areas in the world, since 25% of the national territory is made up by national parks, biological reserves, both on land and marine, as well as other wild areas. It has approximately 850 species of birds, of which 600 are resident and the rest are migratory during the North American winter stopping in this country and later continuing their trip, generally towards South America.

According to the geographical coordinates it is located between 8° 02' 26" and 11° 13' 12" North of Ecuador and 82° 33' 48" West of Greenwich. Regarding its geological formation, the country is part of the young lands of America. This means that up until the beginning of the tertiary, Costa Rica and Panama were occupied by a great marine channel that communicated the current Caribbean with the Pacific, all of which made up a type of archipelago before a continental mass. It has been stated that the current peninsulas of Nicoya and Osa are rests of these first-born islands. From the mid tertiary, strong tectonic and volcanic movements allowed the complete appearance of the country and the origins, throughout an area of the fracture known as the Depression of Nicaragua, of the current volcanic cordilleras of Guanacaste and Central. However, it was in the quaternary when the Costa Rican territory was consolidated and the scenario for the location of the first natives that settled in our territory was established. This small country is big on activities since the visitor can find sun, beach, adventure, nature, and culture, all in one place.

San José
Spanish, even though a high percentage speaks English.
Time Zone
Country Code
110 Volt
North-Nicaragua, Southeast-Panama, West-Pacific Ocean and East-Atlantic Ocean.
Territorial extension
51.100 km2
Maximum length
464 Km. from the Sapoá River up to Punta Burica
Minimum length
119 Km. from Tuba up to Boca del Colorado
Maximum width
259 Km. from Cabo Santa Elena up to the mouth of the Colorado River.
Highest mountain
Cerro Chirripó (elevation of 3,820 m over sea level)
Widest crater
Poás Volcano (one of the world’s widest craters, 1 Km. in diameter)
National Flower
Guaria Morada (Guarianthe skinneri)
National Tree
Guanacaste (Enterolobium cyclocarpurri)
National Bird
Yigüirro (tardus grayil)
Tropical with two seasons per year, dry (December-April) and rainy (rest of the year)
4.159.758 hab.
Population per gender
Men 2,112,985 (50.79%) and Women 2,046,773 (49.20%)
Administrative Division
7 provinces, 81 cantons, 463 districts.

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Golfito Realty
Playa Zancudo
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